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Battlefield 2042 will have "faster" player reporting methods, DICE pledges

As it lays down player behaviour charter.

Reporting players who break the rules of Battlefield 2042 will be easier than ever before, developer DICE has said.

Writing today in the game's extensive community charter, DICE said its system to flag players would be faster than in previous Battlefield titles, and can now be completed in-game.

DICE said it had also heard feedback it was unclear if past player reports had ever resulted in action. Now, you'll be told in-game your report has been received and later contacted by email if and when action is taken.

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"In Battlefield 2042 our first approach to ensuring Fair Play is that we'll use Easy-Anti Cheat (EAC) as our anti-cheat tool of choice," DICE wrote, detailing another line of defense. "EAC already has a proven track record in identifying cheaters, such as within Apex Legends and Star Wars: Squadrons. It is also proven to be effective in ensuring your privacy, and security."

Any cheater who has their account banned will now be instantly disconnected mid-match and banned across all platforms, thanks to the game's cross-play functionality. Additionally, DICE also retains the ability to block users based on their IP and hardware.

Finally, in another move to keep play fair, Battlefield 2042 will not offer mouse and keyboard support for consoles at launch. Any changes to this in the future will be announced by DICE prior to them being rolled out.

As well as cheating, DICE has also detailed a series of guidelines for how the community should act with each other, helping newbies where possible, and not bullying or spamming other players. Simply put, don't act like a dick.

Earlier this month, Battlefield 2042's release date was pushed back by a month to 19th November. The game's open beta was also delayed, but will now roll out next week from 6th October for those with early access. Expect all of the above features and rules to be in affect.