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Battlefield 2042 gets day one patch to fix critical issues

2042 more patches to go.

DICE has announced a day one patch for Battlefield 2042 ahead of its release tomorrow - although this will come as little surprise to early access players who have been playing the game since day -6.

While those who have played Battlefield 2042 early have reported a more stable experience than the open beta, the game is still mired with bugs and glitches.

Update 0.2.1 implements server side upgrades which aim to reduce instances of rubber banding, often experienced in the later part of a round in All-Out Warfare modes.

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The update also reduces instances of stuttering when playing on the map Breakaway.

Other changes include adjusting the animations of Flack during the end of round sequence to ensure she is displayed correctly.

You can read a full list of changes here, but a notable omission is any fundamental changes to gameplay which players have been asking for.

One such complaint is the issue of bloom and bullet registration in general, where guns don't hit exactly where you aim. This has long been a feature of Battlefield titles when firing at a long distance, although it appears to be too aggressive in Battlefield 2042 in its current state. Call of Duty Vanguard players have also found this as an unwelcome feature.

DICE does acknowledge that more changes are needed, and has scheduled two further updates in the next 30 days. The third time's the charm, right?