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Battlefield 2042 fans think it has too many bots, and they're just too OP

All out botfare.

Players have been getting their first taste of Battlefield 2042 with the open beta now in early access.

One of the game's main features is larger player counts for current-gen consoles and PC, with up to 128 players in a game.

The trouble is, sometimes it can be difficult to fill in an entire lobby with so many players, so DICE has added AI bots to fill in servers with the goal of enhancing the gameplay experience.

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But some players have not been happy with the introduction of artificial teammates - and the numbers in which they are appearing.

Players report lobbies that are predominantly filled with bots can make the game feel too easy or difficult, depending on which team the bots are in. I myself have encountered matches that felt surprisingly easy, only to later realise I was facing a team where most players weren't human.

One player even encountered a lobby where almost every player was a bot.

But that's not the end of players' woes. Others have noticed that bots can sometimes behave erratically, sometimes failing to engage in combat, while other times killing you instantly.

I should stress that this is a beta, and may not be representative of the final product. But given the game is set to release in just over a month, having already been delayed, it is understandable that some players are concerned the game still won't be in a fully polished state on release.