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Bank Holiday weekend update plans

Cameras! Cel-shading! Arm-waving! Tablets! It's a chocolate miracle.

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Friends! I'm disappointed to announce that Friday and Monday are public holidays in the UK, which means that I can't legally force people to sit in the office all day writing about video games for you.

Fortunately, it turns out I can bloody them up a bit in advance and get them to put together all sorts of reviews, previews, features and whatnot to tide you over. So here's a look at some of the things you can read about in the next few days:

  • Dan Whitehead waves his arms about in front of another no-doubt-brilliant Kinect game.
  • Digital Foundry looks at what went wrong with Silent Hill's controversial HD Collection.
  • Christian Donlan augments his reality with tea, biscuits and Spirit Camera on 3DS.
  • We take a look at Crytek's first iPhone effort, a beautiful interactive comic book and a game featuring balls in App of the Day.
  • And we take a look back at the divisive Prince of Persia 2008 reboot.

There's plenty of other stuff too, so you should have lots to read in between stuffing chocolate down your throat and spending time with your family and/or not recognising the festival of Easter in any way whatsoever (unless playing Mass Effect 3 counts).

And of course our lovely Fred Dutton lives in The Land of The Free (To Continue Working), so there will be news updates throughout the night on Friday and Monday too.

Whatever you're up to, we hope you have a lovely weekend, as always.

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