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Badland 2 out now on iOS

Costs £3.99, lets you fly in two directions.

Badland 2, the sequel to Apple's 2013 iPad Game of the Year, is out now on iOS.

Available for £3.99 / $4.99, this enchanting fantasy adventure casts you as a floaty sprite avoiding all manner of environmental hazards such as buzzsaws, flamethrowers, magma, oil and more.

Like its predecessor, Badland 2 is an on-rails physics-based platformer/endless runner (or rather floater, as you hover in mid-air). The difference is that the original game tasked players with only moving from left to right, whereas this sequel allows you to float in both directions. You'll generally only be moving in one horizontally-scrolling direction (usually right), but occasionally you're tasked with descending or ascending vertical chasms, so the two directional inputs are essential and offer a greater sense of agency through the game's scripted obstacle course.

Though a single-player only campaign, Badland 2 offers standalone challenge stages to compete against friends on via online leaderboards and through asynchronous multiplayer events.

"Some have said that the first Badland reinvented the one touch auto runner- genre. Badland 2 is our attempt to reinvent the first Badland", said Juhana Myllys, co-founder and lead artist/designer of Frogmind, "We wanted Badland 2 to be worthy of the word 'sequel'. It is not the old Badland with just new content. It is a whole new world to explore."

The original Badland was downloaded by over 20m people before it received a spruced up console release in its Game of the Year Edition, that arrived earlier this summer on PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Vita and Wii U.

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