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Avid WoW player wins state Senate election after hilarious anti-gaming smear campaign

Maine's first level 85 orc assassin senator.

Last month democratic Maine state Senate candidate Colleen Lachowicz fell victim to an unintentionally hilarious smear campaign when a group of Republicans found her unfit for office due to her habits as an avid World of Warcraft player.

Colleen Lachowicz and her alter ego Santiaga, a level 85 orc assassin.

"Maine needs a State Senator that lives in the real world, not in Colleen's fantasy world," noted the party on Colleen's World, a site dedicated to posting out of context quotes from Lachowicz while playing WoW ("I can kill stuff without going to jail.")

Well, the campaign didn't go according to plan as the mohawked-orc-playing candidate won in spite of her dastardly MMO-playing ways.

As reported by NBC News, Lachowicz won with a vote of 8,666 to 7,753 over incumbent Republican Tom Martin, who wisely chose to keep silent on the game-playing issue.

Lachowicz believes the attacks backfired on the Republican party. "So many people in the district were just appalled," she said. "And a lot of the people I talked to were young, first-time voters and they seemed to be the most incensed by it. They saw it as a personal attack over something that is a normal activity these days - to play video games. And I heard some people say, 'Oh they're saying the same thing about me.'"

The newly elected senator celebrated by posting Final Fantasy 6's Victory Fanfare song to her Facebook page, which as of now has 563 likes.

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