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Kitase: Kinect, Move "awkward" for RPGs

But motion mini-games could add "spice".

Microsoft and Sony reckon their motion control devices Kinect and Move will revolutionise the game industry, but one big hitter remains unconvinced of their relevance to that most hardcore of genres: the role-playing game.

Total Annihilation creator backs the PC

Steam creates "intensity that had been lost".

The creator of PC hits Total Annihilation, Supreme Commander and Dungeon Siege has hit out at those who say PC gaming is dying and pointed to Valve's digital download service Steam as evidence of its booming popularity.

EA: Insomniac game to beat 90 Metacritic

Is "breaking new ground".

Resistance and Ratchet and Clank developer Insomniac's upcoming multiplatform EA game will manage a higher than 90 review score average, the US publishing behemoth has confidently proclaimed.

FeatureEA Partners' David DeMartini

On Respawn, Insomniac, Suda51 and more.

As boss of EA Partners David DeMartini is in charge of more games than seems possible for one person. There's BulletStorm, Crysis 2, Alice 2, Reckoning and Portal 2 (maybe) to worry about, and untitled games from Respawn Entertainment, Insomniac, Starbreeze and Suda51 to keep on the straight and narrow.

MS "still eager" to make a Halo film

But will a Halo TV series come first?

Microsoft still wants to make a movie based on the Halo franchise, but is said to be "intently watching" the TV landscape as a potential outlet for a TV series.

Aliens: Colonial Marines still alive

Gearbox shines a light.

Resurrected first-person shooter Duke Nukem Forever might have been the talk of PAX over the weekend, but developer Gearbox Software still found time to reassure gamers that its other in-development title, Aliens: Colonial Marines, is still alive.

Confirmed: Duke Nukem Forever alive

Gearbox's worst kept secret revealed.

Update: The press release is out. Duke Nukem Forever will be released for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 in calendar 2011. The game is playable this week at PAX.

Moore: EA willing to admit it's wrong

Takes "12 angry men" on the web seriously.

Publishing behemoth EA is now willing to swallow its pride when its games go wrong and makes a point of listening to feedback from the community after years spent ignoring them, EA Sports president Peter Moore has said.

FeatureCapcom's Keiji Inafune

"The Japanese are stuck in a time warp."

All Capcom games exist because Keiji Inafune said yes. As head of global research and development at the Japanese powerhouse, Inafune's the man responsible for approving game ideas from his own producers. A case in point: the recently announced Street Fighter X Tekken is in production because producer Yoshinori Ono convinced Inafune that it would be worthwhile.

Crackdown 2 DLC borked

Ruffian suggests fix.

Crackdown 2 developer Ruffian Games has outlined a fix for the recently released Toy Box add-on following reports that the DLC stops the game from working.