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Out This Week

Fallout! Vanquish! DJ Hero 2!

The blockbusters just keep on coming (it must be the fourth quarter!). This week sees the release of a half a dozen games that each aspire to sell a bucket load of copies. Top of our interest pile is Obsidian's Fallout spin-off New Vegas, which takes the post-apocalyptic fun into brighter skies. But will the Alpha Protocol developer's effort live up to expectations set by Fallout 3?

FeaturePlatinumGames' Atsushi Inaba talks Vanquish

"We always prioritise gameplay over story."

Platinum doesn't do games by half. From Wii skewer-'em-up MadWorld to the handgun stilettos of Bayonetta, Hideki Kamiya and chums always aim to surprise. Vanquish, the studio's upcoming third-person shooter, is their latest attempt.

Kinect's sitting down woe finally over

MS switches base node to back of neck.

Concern over Kinect's ability to detect players sat down on sofas has been eradicated after Microsoft updated the software behind the tech, Eurogamer can reveal.

Pachter sets record straight on Steam row

"I have NOT heard this from anybody."

Michael Pachter has insisted he has no idea what Valve plans to do with Steam after the Wedbush Securities analyst was reported as saying digital trade-ins were set to be introduced to the platform.

Castlevania dev teases 3D Contra pitch

Go on Dave Cox. You know you want to.

Fans of cult side-scrolling shoot-em-up Contra and the recently released reboot of Castlevania were given a boost today after Lords of Shadow producer Dave Cox teased that he's already tried to convince Konami to green light a 3D Contra game.

GT5 delayed to "iron out kinks"

Yamauchi: "It's inexcusable..."

PlayStation 3 exclusive racer Gran Turismo 5 was delayed from 3rd November to "before Christmas" because the development team needed to iron out kinks, creator Kazunori Yamauchi has explained.

GT5 still set for "astronomical sales"

But could lose momentum if out after NFS.

Sony's high-profile PlayStation 3 exclusive racer Gran Turismo 5 will still enjoy spectacular sales despite suffering a delay, but could lose momentum if it's released after Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, analysts have said.

FeatureMaking Dead Space 2

Visceral reveals the tricks of the virtual horror trade.

Like one of its horrible beastly necromorphs, Dead Space 2 is creeping up on us with unnerving silence. EA's action horror is out in three months, which means it's time to sit down with creator Visceral Games and find out what the hell is going on in here.

Moon dev asks fans to help secure sequel

Creator of obscure JRPG after a "sponsor".

The producer of obscure 1997 PlayStation One Japanese role-playing game Moon: Remix RPG Adventure has called on fans to voice their support for a sequel so he can convince a company to fund it.