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Diablo 4 player beats Ashava world boss solo - with a hardcore character on veteran difficulty

No cap.

Diablo 4 wudijo Ashava solo kill
Image credit: YouTube / wudijo

A Diablo 4 player beat the Ashava world boss solo during the weekend's Server Slam open beta event.

Not only that, Diablo YouTuber and streamer wudijo beat the boss with a hardcore character on the veteran difficulty.

Let's put this achievement into context: Ashava is a raid-style boss meant to offer a group of 12 players a stiff challenge that must be completed within a 15-minute time limit. wudijo downed Ashava on his own.

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Ashava potters about a level 25 area, but Blizzard set the Summer Slam beta level cap at 20, which makes the fight tougher than it should be.

To make things even harder for himself, wudijo played as a hardcore character, which means permadeath. That's right - if wudijo had died at any point from character creation to level 20, his Rogue would have been lost, so no repeated attempts with that character.

And finally, wudijo played on veteran difficulty (world tier two), the hardest difficulty available in the Server Slam event. Because why not?

The video below shows the fight. It's a remarkable watch, made all the more tense by the music that intensifies as the battle goes on. wudijo shows impressive concentration, zipping about the battlefield as he wears Ashava's lengthy life bar down. He uses a Rapid Fire Rogue build, which maximises damage from afar. With this build, wudijo is able to shoot Ashava at a distance where necessary, avoid attacks and poisoned areas, and, when up close, stick to the relatively safety of underneath Ashava's hind legs.

Watch on YouTube

wudijo is relaxed after his victory (I'd be leaping out my chair!), but given he downed Ashava solo before in previous Diablo 4 betas, perhaps his cool exterior doesn't come as much of a surprise. In fact, wudijo's notoriety for making a mockery of Diablo challenges is well known at Blizzard - during a recent developer livestream staff said they fully expected him to solo the boss.

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