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Assassin's Creed 3 multiplayer events start today

Be rewarded just for taking a stab.

Ubisoft has launched its first Assassin's Creed 3 multiplayer event, Revolution.

Each event will offer three rewards: one simply for participating, a separate individual objective for each player and a community-wide goal.

For this first event, Ubisoft is asking the community to notch up 3 million kills.

Revolution began at midday UK time (about two hours ago). No end date or details of the rewards have been specified.

Players can take part via the Events option on the game's multiplayer menu. Ubisoft will only count progress from within this mode.

"Revolution is about to explode in the 13 colonies," claimed a supposed Abstergo leak on the Ubisoft forums (via Polygon). "In this period of violence, survival is key, even if that means crushing others... Will you be ready to work as a team to defend yourselves and your territories from others?"

It's the first time in the series that Ubisoft has attempted multiplayer events. Their design follows a similar model to Mass Effect 3 - another series that later adopted a multiplayer portion.