Colossus 11 in Shadow of the Colossus is known to fans as the eleventh colossus Celosia, the Bull Colossus - although the developer nickname was apparently the Lion, despite it's bull-like horns.

Either way, it's one of the most difficult of the eleven colossi you'll have faced so far, despite its diminutive size, as you only have a small area to work with - and it's highly aggressive.

Here, we'll guide you through everything you need to know, including the eleventh colossus' location and indeed how to defeat Celosia, the Bull Colossus.

Colossus 11location and how to find the eleventh colossus Celosia, the Bull Colossus

The eleventh colossus, Celosia, is located due north of the Shrine of Worship.


Head across that natural bridge to the north once again, and follow the line of the huge, aqueduct-like bridge, keeping it just on your right.


Soon enough you'll come across a chasm just to your right, and your sword beam's direction will start to change. Cut right, along the side of that chasm, until you get to the far end where there's a way down.


Hop off Agro and proceed down the zig-zagging path on foot, and then swim across the dried up lake at the bottom.


On the far side is a kind of temple, set into the side of the cliff. Hang right and go through a little rocky path, and you'll find a side entrance into the temple.


Inside are a few lit torches - rare, in this world apparently - and a small chasm on one side.


Jump across that gap to the area with four lit torches, and Celosia, the Bull Colossus and the eleventh colossus you've faced so far, will appear.

How to defeat the eleventh colossus Celosia, the Bull Colossus

Celosia, colossus number eleven is highly aggressive, and will charge at you right away. If you don't get a perfectly-angled roll off in time, it'll take off a chunk of your health and knock you flying.

Your first task is to get to safety, which means getting on top of one of the square pillars that hold the flames in each corner of the chamber. They have ledges you can grapple onto on either side of them.


Once you get on top of them, you'll find the Bull Colossus starts to ram the pillar. This is exactly what you want - Celosia is heavily armored, and although you can tell the sigil that highlights its weak spot is on its back, it's completely protected right now. Somehow you need to remove that armour.

When this eleventh colossus starts ramming the pillar, however, a small torch will drop off - you'll see it flickering with a small flame on the floor. Hop down when you find a break in its attacks, and pick it up with R2.


Immediately climb back up onto the pillar to get to safety. Once you're up, wave the torch in the flame and it'll ignite. Now you can get to work.

Jump down and start waving it at the Bull Colossus - you'll find it's afraid of the fire, backing away from it slowly as you wave it in its face (don't get too close though, as it'll take a swipe at you and do some damage).


Your goal now is to get the eleventh colossus to back its way off the ledge at the far side of the room, dropping down and out of the small arena.

A cutscene triggers, and the plate of armour shielding its back will be shaken loose.


You can now jump straight down onto it's back to grab its fur or, if you don't make that jump, just head down there and lead it to some kind of ledge and hop on. Either way, the next step is grabbing onto its back.

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When you do, it'll start charging back up that rocky path to the side entrance of the temple. You'll get a few chances to stab it, but it'll get inside before you can finish it off.


You don't need to drive it off the ledge again, but when you're back in the starting arena area it'll be much easier to get back onto its back again, simply by climbing those flame-bearing pillars and hopping off from there.


Stab the sigil on its back, rinse and repeat, and Celosia, the eleventh colossus known as the Bull, will be defeated.

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Yet again, you wake up in the Shrine of Worship, and idol number eleven will crumble down.

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