Lego Dimensions' Fantastic Beasts expansion has now been patched to include the film's full ending.

The story pack originally launched with a slightly different story cut in place - one that did not include the appearance of a particular actor.

(If you are yet to watch the film and want to stay unspoiled, look away now.)

Fantastic Beasts' finale includes a cameo appearance from Pirates of the Caribbean and Sleepy Hollow star Johnny Depp as Grindlewald, the dark wizard revealed as the mastermind behind the film's events and a major player in Harry Potter lore.

The rest of the Fantastic Beasts film series will follow Grindlewald's rise to power, and will see Depp appear in a far expanded role.

The film's denouement reveals Depp has been masquerading as Colin Farrell's character Graves the whole time (Polyjuice Potion, yo), although Lego Dimensions initially left out this reveal. Graves was simply shown captured and bundled off without his true nature being revealed.

Now the movie's full finale has been added in - showing Farrell change into Depp as per the big screen version. But why did Lego Dimensions' pack launch without the original ending in the first place?

The original ending without Depp.

The new ending.

"The Gellert Grindelwald reveal is a fun twist that was initially hidden in Lego Dimensions so as not to spoil Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them for fans," a Warner Bros. spokesperson told Eurogamer.

"Soon after the film was released, the cut scene was switched in the game."

Warner's reasoning that it wanted to prevent the video game from spoiling the ending of the film makes sense, but it still feels like an odd omission - or a strange move for a game to produce and ship a different ending then replace it with another. Lego games are frequently developed alongside the film they are adapting. Fantastic Beasts was no different, and the game launched the same day as the movie.

Depp's scene - which was shot in a single day - was filmed early this year so would have been in the can for ages. It's also a part of the film's printed script. But while the scene was shot in secrecy and Depp's involvement in the film was kept tightly under wraps, his addition to the cast was abruptly announced shortly before the film hit cinema screens - making the desire to keep him a secret somewhat moot.

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