It's been six years since the last Smash Bros game was released, but 3DS owners will be able to take the latest edition out for a rumble as of this morning, with the Wii U version expected shortly. Expect a generous roster of characters, lots of different stages, and enough tournament tweaks to keep both casual and hardcore fans of the series happy.

If you're a complete newcomer to the series - or it's just been a little while since you last played - we've put together a quick guide that will get you up to speed with the basics, teach you a few handy tricks, and help you unlock all the goodies in the game.

Super Smash Bros - beginner's guide, edge-guarding, KOs, combos, recovering, attacks
A quick look at the game's fundamentals, so you can get on with crushing your friends.

Super Smash Bros - unlockable characters, unlockable stages
How to unlock all the characters and stages in the game nice and quickly.

Super Smash Bros - Challenge Mode unlocks, requirements, rewards
All the hidden challenges you can tick off as you play.

Super Smash Bros - best items, X Bomb, Freezie, Home-Run Bat, Master Ball, Ore Club
A guide to the most important power-ups you can find in the game.

Super Smash Bros - best characters, Duck Hunt, Link, Toon Link, Little Mac, Mario, Villager
The easiest characters to get to grips with as a beginner.

Super Smash Bros - Smash Run, stat boosts, equipment, specials
Our guide to the Smash Run section of Super Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros - multiplayer tips, defending, reading opponents, items
How to make an impact as the new player in party games.

Super Smash Bros - Challenge Mode, Intensity, Master Hand, Crazy Hand, Master Core
A guide to getting through the game's Challenge mode.

Feeling overwhelmed? We'll help you get your feet wet.

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