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Starbreeze dumbs down Cube Enclave

Surprisingly – hurrah!

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Enclave is one of the toughest games we've conquered in 2002, up there with Rogue Leader and 'getting your siblings to shut up' at family gatherings. And the prospect of having to slog through the whole thing for the second and third time on GameCube and then PlayStation 2 is a bit much for us.

However, either Starbreeze realised that Enclave's difficulty curve was more of a P&O Ferries loading ramp or the Swedish developer subscribes to the Cube for kiddies theory, because it has been revealed this week that the Cube version of Enclave will allow players to choose between dark and light campaigns from the get-go. In the Xbox version, players were expected to first conquer evil and then slip into its knee-length Goblin boots for the opposing view.

We're not sure what if any other changes Starbreeze will make to the game before it appears on GameCube, or whether the PS2 version will also reflect the change, but both are due out sometime during 2003.

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