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Altar officially announce Dreamland

Former Gollop game gets new lease of life in Czech Republic

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Last week we exclusively revealed in an interview with Altar Interactive that the Czech company is working on Dreamland Chronicles, a promising looking turn-based strategy game from X-Com designer Julian Gollop which was being developed at his company Mythos Games until it was cancelled in February. Now an official back-dated press release from Altar has confirmed the news, adding that the revamped game is expected to be ready for a Christmas 2002 release through publisher Virgin Interactive. The press release says that the company "values highly the work of Mythos Games and will be working closely with designer Julian Gollop to ensure the consistency of vision of the game", but this apparently comes as news to Julian himself. Having read our interview with Altar, a bemused Gollop posted on his new company's messageboards "at the moment I know nothing more than is in the article" after he was questioned about his involvement in the project. "I haven't been officially asked to work on Dreamland at all", Gollop told fans, adding that "I have no idea what will happen to the game, or whether it would be anything like the game we envisaged". For their part, Altar insist that while they are making improvements to the game and replacing much of the artwork, it will remain faithful to the original concept. With further information and screenshots expected to be available in January, we should soon have a clearer picture of exactly what is going on... Related Feature - Altar interview

Source - Altar / Laser Squad Nemesis messageboards

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