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Euro-CPL to reward case mods

Popular hardware craze makes its way across the Atlantic

Following on from the success of similar ventures Stateside, the Euro-CPL has joined forces with hardware vendor The Overclocking Store to organise a case mods competition. Case mods are all the rage amongst the nuhardware generation, with entire web communities dedicated to side panel artwork and creative window etching emerging almost overnight. Amongst their various wares, The Overclocking Store produce pre-modified cases for those who feel a little wary about taking a hammer and chisel to their big steel brute. They also sell tools for those with a little more daring. The competition, called C3, or the "European Consummate Computer Competition" (no laughing at the back), will take place during the LAN party / pro gaming get-together in London to mark the ELSA CPL European Championships. The case competition will be judged over the full three days and will comprise two categories; one which judges systems on their overall artistic design, and one category that focuses on the 'greed for speed' through thermal acceleration. In other words, exciting water-cooling techniques and other ideas. Water-cooling, which we covered back in February, is another craze amongst hardware nuts, although slightly more perilous than adorning your machine with South Park stickers. Speaking about the competition, Managing Director of CPL Europe Ralf Reichert pointed out that "Having such wicked constructions on display at the event will entertain even the greatest of sceptics and only adds to the already exciting program we have prepared for all spectators, BYOC players, and tournament participants." It'll certainly get them a lot of web coverage, although we reckon they knew that. Related Feature - Euro-CPL hits London