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Deus Ex sequel details revealed

First concept art, renders and information about Deus Ex 2 released

Publisher Eidos Interactive have released the first pictures from the sequel to award-winning first person role-playing game Deus Ex. Included in the press package were four concept sketches, a rendered mock-up, a pair of screen captures of the level editor in action, and an exciting pre-rendered montage of bathroom fittings which we can look forward to seeing in the game.

Also released by Eidos are the first scant details of the game, which has been kept more or less under wraps until now. For starters we have confirmation that the game will indeed be using the latest version of the Unreal engine, with an official announcement by Eidos. Warren Spector commented that "the next generation Unreal Engine offers us even more power, even better tools and a multiplatform solution". Indeed, according to the press release the latest version of the technology offers support for photo-realistic textures and up to two hundred times as many polygons on screen at once as we saw in the original Deus Ex. As Randy Smith put it, "with its rendering power we can craft environments in higher detail than ever before, and its flexibility allows us to shape it into an ideal tool for implementing our unique gameplay".

Other tidbits include the fact that players will have a wider range of choices in the sequel, stretching as far as the addition of a female player character for those of you who want to give Denton a sex change this time round. We also now know that a mysterious religious group known as the Order and a gun manufacturer called Mako will both play a role in the sequel, and careful examination of the level editor shots reveals that part of the game will take place in Seattle. A homage to cybertech role-playing game Shadowrun, or merely a coincidence? Other settings will include the laboratory portrayed in one of the concept sketches, and a former refinery converted into an Order temple.

It's all very vague at this early stage in development, but hopefully we will know more later in the year. In the meantime, we suggest you take a gander at this first batch of concept art...

Source - press release

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