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Sony to publish Sega

Publisher relinquishes rights to PS2 releases

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As we speculated yesterday, Sony will be distributing Sega's PlayStation releases in Europe from now on. The press release claims that Sega "has been intensifying efforts to expand global software sales", which seems to be shorthand for "getting the hell out of Europe while the going's good". Under the agreement, Sony will manufacture, distribute and market Sega's games for PlayStation 2 in five different European languages. Several titles are in development from Sega for PlayStation 2. We reported yesterday that Sega was dropping its European distribution of Dreamcast games, passing the responsibility over to French outfit Bigben Interactive, and the rights to its PC games to Empire. In light of today's news, Sega has effectively pulled out of European publishing. Related Feature - Sega to drop European publishing?

Source - press release

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