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Crawfish hits GameBoy Advance

First person shooter based on upcoming action movie confirmed

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BritSoft developer Crawfish has released a number of GameBoy Colour games in recent years, including popular titles such as Rainbow Six and Driver, and now they're moving on to Nintendo's new GameBoy Advance. We've already heard all about their work on Wings and Driven, and now the company's Croydon studio has revealed that it will be working on a first person shooter based on "an upcoming big budget action film" going by the unlikely name of "Ecks vs Sever". Apparently the film is in pre-production at the moment, and we should know more soon.

The game of the movie will use the first person technology demonstrated by Crawfish last year in a tech demo using the first level from id Software's classic Doom II, complete with strafing thanks to the GBA's shoulder buttons. Crawfish president Cameron Sheppard was justifiably proud of the achievement, saying that "our technology is already pushing the capabilities of the GameBoy Advance and we're looking forward to bringing the first person genre traditionally associated with high end PCs to Nintendo's new handheld".

Source - press release

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