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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Play Quake 3 for the UK!

British to take on the French at the Paris LAN Arena 5 event in January 2001

Last year The OGA's "UK Quake 2 Team" took on the French at the LAN Arena 3 tournament in Paris, with four of Britain's finest Quakers pummelling the French by a convincing 5 : 0 margin, before celebrating their victory with no less than three bottles of Champagne on the way home. Now it's all going to happen again, as The OGA puts together the definitive UK Quake 3 Team to face the French again at the next LAN Arena event, taking place in Paris in early January 2001. Five lucky players will get a trip to Paris and free entry to LAN Arena 5 to take part in a five match series against the French as part of the UK Team, and will also be free to enter any other tournaments taking place at the event.

If you have a UK passport and think you have what it takes to represent your country at Quake 3, drop a line to to let us know your name, alias, clan, e-mail address, and what your age will be on January 5th 2001. Applications for the trials close on Friday 1st December, so if you want to take part hurry up! Trials will take place throughout the first half of December, with a ten man squad due to be announced on December 18th. The final selection of which five players will go to France will be made on December 27th.

To help select the team, The OGA has formed a panel of top talent from around the country including Silent (coach of Barrysworld's England Quake 3 team), Billox (who was part of the UK Quake 2 Team) and Pumpkin (former captain of the Scottish Quakeworld team). Full details can be found here.