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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Quake 3 goes teamplay

One of the biggest criticisms of Quake 3 Arena when it was first released last year was its lack of variety, as the game only featured deathmatch and a handful of CTF maps out of the box. The "Quake 3 : Team Arena" add-on pack should fix this, adding several new team-oriented multiplayer modes as well as new weapons, models and maps. In an interview on CorpNews, id Software designer and resident Brit Graeme Devine talks about some of the changes the developers have made to the game to improve its teamplay features, including the ability "to define your own clan, your own clan colors".

"When you play on a map, your base will have your clan colors, your clan icon. All the players on your team will have that icon on them, so that you'll be able to easily recognize who they are, whether you're playing home or away, red or blue. We've made some pretty big changes."