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Army of Two producer claims "underwhelming" end result was "predictable"

Due to the "negative trajectory" of studio morale.

Average EA shooter Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel was destined to be "underwhelming" due to the low team morale experienced while working on the project, the game's executive producer has claimed.

Ex-Visceral Games Montreal employee Julian Beak has described via his LinkedIn page how he was recruited "late in development" of the game "to deliver a struggling product in very little time" (thanks, Videogamer).

Beak claims he "reversed [the] negative trajectory of team morale" but arrived "too late" to save the project entirely.

"The predictable result was an underwhelming production," he lamented.

EA shut down Visceral Games Montreal shortly after the game's release.

Eurogamer's own verdict was neither good or bad - simply unremarkable. Dan Whitehead described The Devil's Cartel as "functional and fuss-free, a game that delivers the expected genre tropes with as little imagination and as much bluster as possible".