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ArmA expands

Queen's Gambit revealed.

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505 Games has announced a new expansion pack for military shooter ArmA: Armed Assault.

Queen's Gambit will introduce two new story and multiplayer missions, and be available in the third quarter of the year.

The Rahmadi Conflict is billed as the "true conclusion to the original ArmA" story, and takes place on Rahmadi and Porto Islands. Royal Flush, on the other hand, happens 18 months later - as a bunch of highly trained mercenaries join the army in a top-secret and sensitive government job. But all is not as it seems...

Urban Raid is the first of the new multiplayer missions, and is designed for you and five other people to work through co-operatively. Or you can simply commando-roll into the Battle of Porto as one of 40 possible players and try to hold a captured waypoint.

A new patch for the game was released last week to address some technical issues and finally add support for North Americans and Europeans to play together. The update as well as plenty of other information is available over on the official website.

ArmA: Armed Assault is a tactical war game from Bohemia Interactive. It's the unofficial sequel to the rather splendid Operation Flashpoint, a name the developer no longer holds the rights to, obviously.

The game was released at the beginning of the year and earned considerable cheers from the gaming industry. Head over to our ArmA review to find out more.

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