ArmA: Armed Assault

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15th February 2007

Armed Assault

8th February 2007

Updated ArmA demo likely

Bohemia's war: the story of the company behind Arma and DayZ

From Operation Flashpoint to a Greek prison and back again.

Imagine waking one morning to discover that two of your staff had been detained in a foreign country over allegations of espionage. What would you do? You're not the head of MI6. You don't employ spies. You employ developers who make video games. You discover the news in your online forum but soon it's spread like wildfire, to local radio and TV, and people are knocking at your door for comment. What do you say? What do you tell the families of the arrested men?

ArmA expands

Queen's Gambit revealed.

505 Games has announced a new expansion pack for military shooter ArmA: Armed Assault.

ArmA demo

It hurts, it hurts!

Bohemia Interactive has released an updated demo for ArmA: Armed Assault, ahead of the game's release in American early next month.

Armed Assault

Armed Assault

Bring your own bodybag.

7.30AM. A secluded clearing a few clicks inland of South Sahrani's coastal highway. A man heavily laden with weaponry moves from the zebra-stripe shadows of the spruce forest to a beat-up pick-up truck parked in the centre of the clearing. He gets in and drives away.

7.37AM. The truck sits abandoned in the middle of the highway. The driver is a hundred yards down the road crouched on the verge fiddling with a small canvas satchel. As the rumble and squeak of approaching traffic grows louder he finishes his work and jogs up a nearby hill towards a small stand of pines.

7.40AM. For the man under the pine trees the world is now ten yards of tarmac framed by the steel circle of an M136 AT weapon sight. Grass waves languidly in the lower half of the circle. For a few moments a turquoise dragonfly hovers in the centre. As the nimble insect departs the squat sluggish mass of a BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicle takes its place.

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Bombarding Bohemia

As in, Interactive. As in, with Armed Assault questions.

When publisher Codemasters and developer Bohemia Interactive split, BI got the Le Creuset saucepans, the ride-on mower, the foot spa and the dog, but not the right to use the name of their stalwart soldier sim Operation Flashpoint in future games. Unperturbed, the studio has gone and made a sequel anyway.

Updated ArmA demo likely

Updated ArmA demo likely

"After the game is released".

Bohemia Interactive CEO Marek Spanel has said we can probably expect a second demo of Armed Assault (ArmA) after the game is released on 16th February.

Speaking to Eurogamer in an interview due to be published tomorrow, Spanel moved to assuage fans' fears based on the original demo's frame rate by confessing that it "wasn't fully optimised".

"We probably will even release an updated demo after the game is released," he said.

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Exclusive ArmA content for UK release

Exclusive ArmA content for UK release

Brits and "rest of EU" get lucky.

Often last to both the console launch party and the highly-anticipated-game release bash, Europeans rarely get special treatment from the gaming world.

Which is why it's delightful that 505 Games and Bohemia Interactive are to add exclusive content for ArmA: Armed Assault when it's released in the UK and "the rest of the EU" on February 16 next year. The PC FPS is already available in Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland.

Lucky European gamers can expect two new aircraft to shoot or bomb things with; two new motorbikes, or rather 'M070R|31K35'; and four new weapons for general killing.

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Flashpoint dev's new titles

Two for PC, one for Xbox.

Operation Flashpoint creator Bohemia Interactive has announced that it is currently hard at work on three new military combat games, including one for Xbox.