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Flashpoint dev's new titles

Two for PC, one for Xbox.

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Operation Flashpoint creator Bohemia Interactive has announced that it is currently hard at work on three new military combat games, including one for Xbox.

It's yet to get a title but Bohemia is promising "the most realistic and complex war game experience ever seen on current-generation consoles".

The game is set during the Cold War, just like Op Flash, and sees NATO coalition forces facing off against a renegade Red Army faction.

You get to control more than 40 infantry, mobile, armoured and aircraft units, armed with over 30 authentic weapons to help lead your squad to victory. There are 15 solo missions, plus more than 50 to play through via Xbox Live or System Link. In addition, you can create your own scenarios using the in-game mission editor. Screenshots can be found here.

Next up is Armed Assault, a first-person combat game for PC, which promises "freedom of action and immersive, complex environments, blended with a unique touch of total simulation".

It's all being put together using a brand new game engine, and takes place on a map that covers more than 100 square km. Expect highly intelligent enemies, a large selection of both military and civilian vehicles and comprehensive multiplayer support - plus the obligatory mission editor. Screenshots are here.

And finally, Bohemia is also working on an untitled PC game that combines "first-person military combat, role-playing and strategy".

It's set in the year 2010, when global tensions are high and the whole world is on the brink of war. As part of an international coalition contingent, you get to fight in a variety of locations across Europe and Asia as you enjoy "the most accurate military simulation to date in an action game."

Equipment and vehicles are all authentic and said to be "insanely detailed", as are the massive maps. The game's being developed using a proprietary next-gen engine and will feature a comprehensive online multiplayer mode plus an extensive set of tools to create your own content. Screenshots? Oh, there they are.

Bohemia's Xbox game is out in the autumn, followed by Armed Assault some time before Christmas. The unnamed PC title is due for winter 2006 - more details as we get 'em.

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