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Updated ArmA demo likely

"After the game is released".

Bohemia Interactive CEO Marek Spanel has said we can probably expect a second demo of Armed Assault (ArmA) after the game is released on 16th February.

Speaking to Eurogamer in an interview due to be published tomorrow, Spanel moved to assuage fans' fears based on the original demo's frame rate by confessing that it "wasn't fully optimised".

"We probably will even release an updated demo after the game is released," he said.

Naturally the full game performs better than the original demo. "There are more options to customise the visual quality for lower end graphics cards," he noted.

"Still, this game draws very large scenes on the screen and it is the graphics card that is usually the bottleneck. Playing the game on modern high-end graphics makes is much more appealing than playing it on minimum graphics."

Armed Assault - sometimes known as ArmA - is Bohemia's follow-up to Operation Flashpoint, a name for which they no longer hold the rights, obviously.

You can read a review of the game elsewhere on the site. Providing it's a couple of weeks from now when we've done one, and not today, in which case you're as screwed as a soldier hiding behind a wooden fence.

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