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17 October 2021

16 October 2021

13 October 2021

Digital Foundry | Where to buy AMD RX 6600 in the UK and US

Links, price, release time and performance.

Digital Foundry | AMD Radeon RX 6600 review: damp squib

The RTX 3060 ostensibly costs the same and performs better.

12 October 2021

11 October 2021

Digital Foundry | Best PC gaming headset 2021

Wired or wireless, from cheap to premium.

10 October 2021

Digital Foundry | Best SSD for PS5 2021

Sony's required specs and our recommended drives.

9 October 2021

8 October 2021

6 October 2021

5 October 2021

Digital Foundry | Ride 4: is this really the next level in photo-realism?

The viral video looked incredible, but what about the game?

4 October 2021

3 October 2021

2 October 2021

Digital Foundry | The Medium on PS5 shows big differences compared to Xbox Series X

Reduced graphics settings vs higher resolution and performance.

1 October 2021

Digital Foundry | All PS5 and Xbox Series X games that support 120fps

Plus Digital Foundry's recommended 120Hz TVs and monitors.

30 September 2021

28 September 2021

27 September 2021

Digital Foundry | Best gaming chairs 2021

Featuring Herman Miller, Ikea, Razer, Noblechairs and AndaSeat.

Digital Foundry | Best SSD for gaming 2021: shorter loading times, smoother streaming

Our top picks, plus what you need to know about different SSDs.

25 September 2021

23 September 2021

21 September 2021

Digital Foundry | Can the slowest PS5 NVMe upgrade run Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart?

A low-spec solution squares off against the Cerny-approved upgrade.

20 September 2021

14 September 2021

Digital Foundry | Deathloop PS5's graphics modes compared: which is the best way to play?

The breakdown on all three options - and what ray tracing brings to the party.

13 September 2021

Digital Foundry | DF Direct tackles the Sony Showcase and PS5 cross-gen upgrade pricing

A brace of new episodes covering the latest gaming and tech news.

12 September 2021

Digital Foundry | Best PC controller 2021: the Digital Foundry buyer's guide to gamepads

The best first-party and third-party controllers tested - plus mobile gaming!

9 September 2021

8 September 2021

Digital Foundry | Sonic Colours Ultimate: Switch is a problem but what about PlayStation and Xbox?

Decent remastering but only the latest consoles run the game smoothly.

6 September 2021

Digital Foundry | DF Direct Weekly talks Dead Space Remake and Psychonauts 2

And what's going on with retro game 'grading' and trading?

1 September 2021

Digital Foundry | Horizon Zero Dawn's PS5 upgrade delivers a nigh-on flawless 60fps

A great way to play the original game ahead of Forbidden West.

31 August 2021

Digital Foundry | Hands-on with the new PlayStation 5 CFI-1100 series console

Does the cheaper cooling solution make any difference?

27 August 2021

25 August 2021

24 August 2021

23 August 2021

21 August 2021

20 August 2021

19 August 2021

17 August 2021

16 August 2021

Digital Foundry | DF Direct Weekly: Does the Xbox Series SSD work in PlayStation 5?

Plus: whatever happened to the cheap 1080p graphics card?

Digital Foundry | Best mics, lights and cameras for streaming on Twitch 2021

Digital Foundry's tested and approved kit for game streaming and recording.

15 August 2021

Digital Foundry | AI upscaling the classic Metal Gear Solid 2 E3 2000 trailer

Can we remaster one of the best trailers of all time to 4K resolution?

12 August 2021

Digital Foundry | Hellblade's Xbox Series upgrades deliver the best console experience yet

Performance boosted, rays traced, PC ultra settings exceeded.

11 August 2021

Digital Foundry | Where to buy AMD RX 6600 XT in the UK and US

Links, price, release time and performance.

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