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Apex Legends' Wraith is getting yet another nerf

Going through a phase.

Poor Wraith - she's already had her tactical ability tweaked and her iconic Naruto run removed entirely, but it seems all that still wasn't enough to weaken the legend, as Respawn is now increasing the size of her hitbox.

Wraith has long been a popular pick in Apex Legends due to both her maneuverability and small size. Despite the introduction of the Low Profile perk to increase damage against her and other small legends - along with the removal of her Naruto running animation - it seems Wraith was still too tricky to hit, as her win rate "continue[d] to be at the very top as it has since day one". As explained in the Season 8 patch notes, Respawn hopes to control Wraith's power without nerfing her abilities, and one way to do so is by changing her hitbox.

Cover image for YouTube videoApex Legends Season 8 – Mayhem Launch Trailer
Apex Legends Season 8 - Mayhem Launch Trailer

"Wraith now has a slightly larger hitbox than her fellow small legends, but the changes stay true to her model," Respawn explained. "As you can see in the before and after comparison, we're adding some width mostly in the torso and leg areas."

Respawn assured Wraith fans that the character would remain "small and hard to hit", but those hips don't lie - she should be somewhat easier to clip than before.

On the other end of the Apex Legends meta, Rampart - who has remained at the bottom of Respawn's performance metrics - is getting a couple of small changes in Season 8. Sheila's angle is being increased from 120° to 180°, while her wall health is also being bumped up from 1hp to 45hp in the build phase. It seems Respawn may have further changes in store for Rampart, however, admitting the legend's defensive position strategy had struggled in fast-moving Apex. "We're keeping a careful eye on this one," Respawn added.

The rest of the patch notes are fairly light: Horizon's Gravity Lift cooldown is being slightly increased, and Mirage decoys will be more convincing thanks to the introduction of footstep sounds, but it's not quite the major meta shake-up some fans were hoping for. Still, there's plenty to be excited about for Season 8 when it launches later today: there's new Aussie legend Fuse, the 30-30 Repeater, and changes to Kings Canyon in the form of a crashed ship.