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Apex Legends UFO sighting leaves players bamboozled

Kubricking it.

Hang on - how come that care package isn't dropping?

As shared yesterday by user Chuzeeee on r/ApexLore, a UFO has been spotted in the sky above World's Edge, and it's anyone's guess as to what it actually is. Get out your tin foil hats, it's time for a bunch of community conspiracy theories.

Something is coming, but what else than season 4? from r/ApexLore
Here's the first Teaser!!! Wonder what's going to happen.. NOT A CARE PACKAGE from r/ApexUncovered

Judging by the footage and screenshots shared, the object has three lights and appears to be stationary, prompting guesses it could be a spaceship of some kind. Like any good UFO sighting, some doubted the veracity of the image, claiming it could be nothing more than a glitched care package. To disprove this, dataminer Shrugtal has posted an image of the UFO and a care package next to each other in the sky: the UFO has a smaller blue hue, while the care package burns a bright orange. And, of course, there's been multiple reported sightings.

The most likely explanation is that it's a teaser for upcoming season 4, or perhaps leaked legend Revenant - who's been sitting in the game files for some time, and also popped up in the trailer for Halloween mode Shadowfall. But what sort of entrance will the new legend make - and is there a theme for season 4?

Several players have been trying to join the dots to recent datamines by Shrugtal, who found references in the code to a new zone called Harvester. In the main Titanfall games, harvesters are massive cylindrical structure used to extract resources, and only appear in the Frontier Defense game mode, where players have to defend the harvester. Given a lot of the banners for upcoming season 4 seem to have a neon, techno feel to them, it's possible the upcoming season could have some sort of alien theme - and the UFO is an incoming harvester.

One of the wildest theories so far is that titans could be entering the fray: but this seems rather optimistic, as Respawn has always been adamant that adding titans would unbalance the matches. Unless they were a PvE boss, perhaps - and someone did find recently find voice lines for Crypto when he spots a titan.

Stand by for Titanfall?

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