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Apex Legends teases new hero Catalyst's ferrofluid abilities in cinematic trailer

Ahead of Season 15's launch.

Apex Legends' 15th season, Eclipse, is right around the corner, and the usual promotional blitz is has begun ahead of its 1st November arrival - this time bringing a new cinematic trailer giving a first look at recently revealed new hero Catalyst's goopy abilities.

Catalyst - an "experienced terraformer and defensive conjurer", and the first trans Legend to join the Apex Legends' line-up - made her introductions earlier this week in a new animated episode of Stories from the Outlands. Here, we got a glimpse of her early years on the planet of Boreas - as she becomes unwittingly embroiled in an eco-terrorist plot to save Boreas' moon - but developer Respawn's latest trailer skips ahead to Catalyst's Apex Games debut.

There's a lot for eagle-eyed Apex Legends fans to unpack in the new cinematic trailer - including a fair glimpse at what is almost certainly Season 15's previously teased new moon map - but the focus is very much on Catalyst and her new abilities.

Apex Legends: Eclipse - Launch Trailer.Watch on YouTube

We see her squirting gloopy ferrofluid onto the ceiling, tossing what looks like a ferrofluid grenade that spreads on impact with the ground - trapping any opponents caught in the resulting sticky puddle - and it all culminates with Catalyst summoning a vast, towering wall of ferrofluid causing all manner of problems for those on the wrong side.

If Apex Legends' pre-season reveals follow the same pattern as they've done previously, it shouldn't be long before Respawn is ready to share full details of Catalyst's ability set. Especially as we're now just a week and a half way from Season 15's 1st November arrival on all platforms.

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