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Apex Legends players compare Seer's abilities to "wallhacks"

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There's a new Apex Legend in town, but Seer might be bringing a little too much firepower to the table - as Apex Legends players are complaining that his abilities are too powerful. Some are even comparing his abilities to "wallhacks", and many are calling for the character to be nerfed.

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Over on the Apex Legends subreddit, complaints are piling in about how Seer's abilities stack up to give him too much of an advantage in combat. Many of these complaints are centred on Seer's microdrones - and the fact they're seemingly the Swiss army knife of Legend abilities. Not only does the tactical ability do damage, it also reveals enemy locations (including health bars) and interrupts actions such as healing.

Having Seer in every game can be... well... not fun from r/apexlegends

While Seer's tactical does take some time to travel, players have found that it has a surprisingly large hitbox, as you can see from the experiment below... and the poor soul hiding inside a building who got caught out by the ability. It's also a seemingly unstoppable force that can go through mountains.

The hitbox of Seer's tactical for those at work/home from r/apexlegends
This is why Seer's tactical should not do damage from r/apexlegends
So Seer's tactical can go through mountains from r/apexlegends

Seer's passive and fast-charging ultimate, meanwhile, grant him remarkable scouting capabilities that some argue make legends like Bloodhound and Crypto almost entirely redundant. As user ASpiralKnight argued, while Bloodhound's scans also alert enemies and have a cooldown, Seer's passive - in which aiming down sights highlights nearby enemies - has no cooldown, doesn't alert enemies, and can achieve 360 degree coverage by turning. This provides guidance on where to throw Seer's tactical ability, which then gives the player even more information on enemy locations. Talk about a butterfly effect.

"At any moment, you can just do an ADS 360 and see almost the exact position of anybody in a 100m radius," said user Warriox123. "You can then get wallhacks on them for eight seconds while seeing their health bar. His ult basically lets you win any gunfight against another team since you know their exact position for 15 seconds. You're never safe to heal anywhere, because if there is a Seer anywhere close to you, chances are he's going to hit you with his tac and you're f*cked."

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Some players have also expressed surprise that Wattson's ultimate cannot defend against Seer's ultimate or microdrones, leaving many wondering if Seer currently has a hard counter. And bad luck for Bangalore mains - you're not going to have any luck dodging Seer with your smokescreen.

If you're yet to dip into the new season and all that has you worried, well, there is some good news: it sounds like the balance team is going to take another look at Seer. Responding to a tweet from producer Josh Medina asking for feedback on the update, associate live balance designer John Larson said "nerf the Prowler, LStar, and Seer".

"The balance roundtable meeting this week is going to be [fire]," Medina said in response. So hopefully we'll see some tweaks to help address these player concerns.

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