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Apex Legends' Pathfinder and Wraith are still too overpowered, says these Apex Legends players

While 91% of respondents think Mirage needs a serious buff.

An unofficial survey has identified which characters should be better balanced in Respawn's free-to-play battle royale, Apex Legends.

The survey - which took the views of 1936 players after it was shared across EA's forums and Apex-flavoured subreddits - asked players to rank Legends on their performance thus far in season 3. Of the views taken, 91 per cent of respondents thought Mirage needed a buff with his passive ability, Encore, considered a huge flaw, whilst 63 per cent suggested the game's solo technological tracker, Bloodhound, was also underpowered. Crypto, Wattson and Octane were all considered a little weak, too.

Conversely, Pathfinder, Wraith and Gibraltar - in that order - were thought to be the most overpowered. 77 per cent of respondents thought Pathfinder's tactical ability was just too OP, whilst 72 per cent thought Wraith had a "too good hitbox".

Bangalore and Lifeline were considered the most balanced of the squad, with 83 and 85 per cent of respondents stating they were happy with their skills and abilities respectively.

Credit: u/DYSPROssium

For the full survey results - which, at the time of writing, have yet to receive a comment from Respawn devs - head on over to Reddit (thanks, dotesports).

In other Apex Legends news, "by popular request" Apex Legends developer Respawn recently introduced a new training ground called firing range which gives players the opportunity to try out not just armour and abilities, but Apex's fine selection of firearms and attachments, too.

As Emma recently reported, bemused players have uploaded videos showing themselves being punched in the dark, along with some entertaining footage showing knocked-out teammates flailing as they fall through the air. According to the perpetrators, all it takes is to spam melee immediately after selecting a Legend - although the time window before the match starts only allows for one person to be knocked out. Some players have even claimed to have used this on teammates - despite Apex Legends not having friendly fire.

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