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Apex Legends A Legend Falls quest: How to complete the second Hunt

Strategies to get your hands on the second Artefact piece.

A Legend Falls in Apex Legends is a quest introduced on May 26th, 2020 as part of Season 5.

This quest is the second of nine Hunts which will be available throughout the season, which can be played either solo or with friends, with the goal of retrieving an Artefact piece as part of new Apex Legends character Loba's story.

This page explains how to start A Legend Falls by collecting Treasure Packs, then how to complete the mission itself.

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How to start A Legend Falls in Apex Legends

Every Hunt requires you to collect a certain number of Treasure Packs before they can be accessed.

For A Legend Falls - which is the second Hunt introduced in Season 5, following The First Piece - you need to have collected 10 Treasure Packs.

With a 24 hour cooldown for each individual Treasure Pack, this means the fastest you can start this Hunt is 10 real-world days.

Once you have 10 Treasure Packs, head to the 'Quest' part of the lobby, then select the mission in the lower left 'Story Progress' section.

How to complete A Legend Falls in Apex Legends

A Legend Falls is more involved than the debut The First Piece quest from the previous week - having you complete several objectives before you can reach the Artefact objective.

Eliminate Hostiles (4 total)

The first part of the quest has you snipe four prowlers from a tower. These move fairly quickly and are hard to hit as they roam around the complex in the distance, but an easy way to complete this step is to focus on one point and fire at them as they pass by your crosshair.

We recommend focusing on the upper left laser field surrounding the complex. Here are where many will scramble up the wall and travel through, giving you more time to target them before they disappear.

Once done, turn around and dispatch the prowlers which ambush you from behind; it might be best to switch to the P2020 pistol to do this. From here, you must make your way to that corner complex, shooting any prowlers as you go, and going through the ground level laser field (taking a chunk of your shield with it).

Inside you'll find Wattson injured to the left, and a supply cache on the right. This contains a EVA-8 Auto shotgun and some useful weapon upgrades.

Replace either weapon you have with it, as it'll be very useful in quickly dispatching the prowlers in the facility to come.

Go downstairs, defeat the waves of prowlers which advance, and you'll receive your next objective.

Open Exit Panels Activated (3 total)

There will now be a quest marker pointing to three Exit Panel locations, one after another. Each one is behind a door you must breach. Make sure you have reloaded and healed up before doing so, as one or two prowlers will be waiting behind.

Provided you quickly prepare yourself before each door breach, this should be a fairly straightforward process, thanks to the mission markers telling you exactly where to go.

It's also recommended you grab the armour and health items next to the first Exit Panel, as well as the fully kitted out M600 Spitfire in the supply cache to the left of the second breach door, all of which will set you up for the rest of the mission.

Dig up the hidden artefact

Once you have breached all three doors, follow the marker to the end of the building. Before you head through the laser defence and go outside, ensure you are healed as much as possible, as more prowlers will be waiting before you start the dig.

As with the first mission, expect prowlers to appear once you do so. They will appear from all angles, so keep on your toes for any surprise attacks while reloading and topping up your health. There's a Phoenix Kit on the ground next to the artefact if you have time to use it, too.


Once the artefact is ready, make sure you reload your weapons and if you have time, quickly heal up before grabbing it and going. The evacuation point is very close by, and again, you'll be joined by prowlers along the way.

You can more or less make a beeline to the dropship here, and though you should shoot any prowlers about to attack, it's recommended to just get to the destination as fast as possible.

Also, if there are any prowlers next to the dropship itself, you can also just ignore them, as once you get close enough you'll automatically board and complete the mission. Phew!

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A Legend Falls rewards in Apex Legends explained

Once you have successfully completed the mission, you'll earn three rewards:

  • A weapon charm
  • The second Artefact piece
  • More story information ahead of the next Hunt

Congratulations! Don't forget to continue collecting Treasure Packs as often as possible to be ready for the next Hunt when it arrives.

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