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Apex Legends Season 5 release time, plus all Season 5 updates explained

What you need to know about the new season.

Apex Legends Season 5 gives us a number of new updates - including the headline of a new Battle Pass and a new Apex Legends character, Loba.

Alongside it also comes other additional features and tweaks, such as changes to the map and a new season-long quest.

This page explains the Apex Legends Season 5 release time and what else to expect in the latest Apex Legends update.

Apex Legends Season 5 release time in BST, CEST, EDT and PDT explained

The Apex Legends Season 5 release date is May 12th, and should be available at the following Apex Legends Season 5 update release times:

  • UK: 6pm (BST / UK)
  • Europe: 7pm (CEST / West Europe)
  • East Coast US: 1pm (EDT / East Coast US)
  • West Coast US: 10am (PDT / West Coast US)

Of course, you might have to wait a little while for maintenance and download times for the patch on your chosen system.

Additionally, it's possible for updates to be delayed due to last minute issues - as with what happened with the game's December 3rd update. But assuming all goes well, you should be playing Season 5 not long after the above times.

What is included in the Apex Legends Season 5 update

Here's a list of the new features coming in the Apex Legends Season 5 update - subtitled Fortune's Favour - at a glance:

  • Map changes, where parts of Kings Canyon (such as Skull Town) have sunk, and others have risen up
  • The first ever season quest, 'The Broken Ghost', which sees players in search of nine pieces of a mysterious artefact as part of weekly Hunts, alongside a total of 45 Treasure Packs you can find (one per day) in regular matches.
  • Season 5 Battle Pass with 100 levels of new unlocks, including Legendary skins, Apex Packs, Loading Screens and Music Packs
  • Ranked mode enters Series 4

Expect a whole host of balance changes for other elements of the game - from character abilities to weapons - as part of a series of patch notes once the update arrives.

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