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Apex Legends fans want to use Solo mode to find out what a match full of the same character looks like

No Respawn in this one.

After yesterday's announcement that Apex Legends is finally getting its solos mode for a limited time, the community has made quick work to organise a fan event during it.

On reddit, user Lord_Spinkingham created an infographic detailing the plan - to get players to select a certain Legend on each day of solo mode's limited run, to try and fill the server with that particular character.

Community Event for the Solo LTM! Would be amazing to see the insanity that unfolds! (Sorry Respawn) from r/apexlegends

While the official solos event will take place between 13th - 27th August, the community event will kick off on 17th and last until the 26th, so anyone who wants to get involved also has a chance to try out the mode normally too.

If the idea gets enough traction it will be interesting to see which characters are the best counters to themselves.

I personally can't wait until Octane day on the 21st when everyone will be sprinting and launching themselves off of the hundreds of jump-pads that end up in the arena, or Mirage day when you might get to see 60 real Mirages and 120 bamboozling holograms falling from the sky.

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