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Anti-Trump ad alleges candidate "mains Hanzo" in Overwatch

"And complains about about team comp in chat."

An anti-trump billboard has been erected in Orlando, Florida that lambasts the presidential candidate for his poor Overwatch skills.

"Trump mains Hanzo and complains about about team comp in chat", the billboard reads.

The ad was created by artist Daniel Warren Johnson as part of an online campaign paid for by the Nuisance Committee, who just so happens to be comprised of the creators of Cards Against Humanity.

"Trump loses all the time, but it's never his fault," the Nuisance Committee sarcastically explained on its Trumpisnotateamplayer site, noting that he tends to blame the press and his opponents for his bout of bad publicity, just as a poor Hanzo player would blame their team, equipment, or the game itself for their failures.

"After his disastrous performance at the first debate, Trump claimed that his microphone didn't work. After losing the second debate, he blamed the moderators for not letting him talk enough even though he spoke over a full minute more than Hillary," the Nuisance Committee explained.

"He has a long history of blaming other people when things don't go well. After he took a dive in the polls, he falsely accused a Colorado fire marshal of sabatoging his rally even though moments before that rally, the same fire department rescued him from a broken elevator (really). Trump said the fire marshal 'didn't know what he was doing' and 'was probably a Democrat.'"

As for why the Nuisance Committee went with Overwatch specifically as a campaign tool, co-counder Max Temkin explained that it would appeal to a demographic typically ambivalent about politics. Plus the committee really likes Overwatch.

"We are just trying to find those people that are in our audience," the Nuisance Committee's Max Temkin told Mashable. "College students, younger people, people who are really fluent with the internet. We want to remind them that the election is happening, give them resources to know how to vote and keep them excited about the election."

"We picked Overwatch because - honestly the main reason is we've been playing a lot of Overwatch," he added. "The game is really fun but also it's super contemporary. For me it's the most exciting new game that's happening in the space right now."