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Another sodding bank holiday

We've done loads of content though.

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Again?! OK fine, here's another bank holiday weekend.

As always, we have cooked up a lovely bundle of content to keep you company until normal service resumes on Tuesday 3rd May.

Rich Leadbetter has gone absolutely mental and done two features. The first you can read on the site right now – it charts Firemint's development of the first 1080p iOS game.

I rather like the story of how they didn't even know what the iPad 2 specs were until the official keynote unveiling, so they had to develop two versions of Real Racing 2 HD based on speculation.

The second is also Apple-related and should be rather special. Watch out for it on Saturday morning.

Not content with that, we also have regular instalments of Kristan Reed's Download Games Roundup and Monday's Mobile Games Roundup, while Christian Donlan is on retrospective duty this week, and takes us all the way back to 1991. Not a bad option if you're feeling blue.

We should also have reviews of Virtua Tennis 4 and Steel Diver, and John Bedford's impressions of Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine based on a recent hands-on event.

We do hope you have a lovely time over the long weekend, but we can't wait to get back to it next week.

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