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An actual MMA fighter will beat up Eve Online developers at Fanfest 2014

In a cage.

Gunnar 'Gunni' Nelson, looking all serious.

Those crazy developers at Icelandic studio CCP are at it again: they're going to fight an actual mixed martial arts star during this year's Eve Online get together.

Brazilian jiu-jitsu specialist Gunnar "Gunni" Nelson will fight against CCP staff members and "special guests" in 10 back-to-back one-versus-one wrestling matches in a cage on loan from Mjölnir MMA Gym, his home training ground. The winner of each match is determined by submission, with unlimited time per round and only enough time between rounds for the introduction of the next competitor.

The event is called Eve of Destruction. Apparently the developers have been training hard for many months in preparation. I hope that's true.

Eve of Destruction will be held on Friday night, 2nd May, during the three-day Eve Fanfest 2014 event. It'll be streamed online via Twitch.

CCP has form when it comes to fighting at Fanfest - sort of. In 2011 the developer held the "Brain vs. Pain" Chessboxing match. A video of that is below.

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