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Akuma, Taskmaster confirmed for MVC3

Need to be unlocked.

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Akuma and Taskmaster have joined three-on-three fighting game Marvel vs. Capcom 3's roster.

Akuma is a long-standing Street Fighter. He stalks do-gooder Ryu with burning red eyes and a gravel voice.

Taskmaster is a Marvel assassin for hire with a photographic memory that allows him to copy and predict the movements of other people. He uses a sword and shield and has a skull for a face. Really.

Confirmation of the character additions comes from IGN, which has published gameplay videos of both Taskmaster and Akuma.

Akuma and Taskmaster are locked at the beginning of the game. To unlock them, players need to earn Player Points. Akuma unlocks at 2000 PP, Taskmaster 8000 PP.

2000 PP is roughly equivalent to a single playthrough of Arcade Mode. You also earn them by playing multiplayer, doing character challenges and spending time in training mode. Capcom estimates most players will have unlocked all the secret characters within a couple of hours, regardless of skill level,

Two more characters are to be revealed.

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