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Age of Conan expansion bundled in shops

Original game included in Deep Silver's box.

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Funcom is teaming up with publisher Deep Silver to release a retail version of Rise of the Godslayer, the first expansion pack for its Age of Conan MMO.

The box includes both the expansion and the original game, Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures, including all of its updates since launch (which should save new players a few days of patching time). You also get an exclusive pet - a puma - and a starter package of in-game items.

Rise of the Godslayer will also be available indepenently as a digital download direct from Funcom.

The expansion will open up the Asian-themed lands of Khitai, replete with dungeons, questing centred around numerous warring factions, tigers and wolves that can be trained up into battle companions or mounts, and an alternate advancement system with offline skill-training. The game's level cap will stay at 80, however.

Rise of the Godslayer has no release date, although game director Craig Morrison told us to expect it in the first half of 2010 when we met him at GDC.

You'll find plenty more information in our recent GDC preview and on the Rise of the Godlsayer and Hyborian Adventures gamepages.

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