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Adorable wooden train set builder Tracks gets November release date on Switch

And there's a weather-focussed update incoming.

Developer Whoop Group's thoroughly charming sandbox builder Tracks: The Train Set Game has a Switch release date, and will be pulling up to Nintendo's platform on 24th November.

Tracks, if you're unfamiliar, takes its cue from the classic wooden train sets from the likes of Brio, presenting players with a mountain of adorably wrought track parts and scenery props - from bushes and buildings to cars and animals - with which to create the diorama of their dreams.

Those of an especially creative nature can even utilise the likes of fireworks, twinkling lights for nighttime sets, customisable fog and terrain, and trackside bells to create little musical ditties.

Tracks - Toybox Edition Nintendo Switch announce trailer.Watch on YouTube

Tracks isn't a game in the traditional sense, given that it ditches traditional goals and objectives to encourage unhindered creativity, but it's still a delightfully engrossing, and blissfully genteel experience, focussing on the simple pleasures of plopping down track and waving away slightly alarming chunks of time in a hypnotic haze of scenery tweaking.

Tracks is getting a physical and digital release on Switch in the form of the Toybox Edition, which expands the largely rural focus of the core game with new building options, courtesy of the Suburban and Sci-fi DLC packs - which are respectively designed to add a touch of metropolitan grandeur and space-flavoured pizzazz to those quaint village hamlets, and were originally released as paid expansions on Xbox One and PC.

In related news, Tracks will be leaving Xbox One and PC Game Pass this Saturday, 14th November, and those wanting to continue playing after its departure can purchase the game from the Xbox Store with a 40% discount until 16th November. That brings the price of the game down to £10.04 instead of the usual £16.74.

Additionally, a new weather-focussed update will arrive next week on Xbox and PC, introducing new sky customisation options, a new rain effect, and optimised saves for faster loading.