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Adorable train set sandbox Tracks gets free suburban-themed expansion

And there's space-themed paid DLC on the way.

Developer Whoop Group's delightful wooden train set builder Tracks is poised to get even more charming, thanks to an incoming duo of DLC offerings - the first of which is themed around suburban expansion, free, and available now on Steam and Xbox One.

Tracks: The Train Set Game, if you've yet to be acquainted, takes its inspiration from the classic wooden train sets manufactured by the likes of Brio - delivering a genteel, but thoroughly engrossing, sandbox equivalent that's focussed on the simple pleasures of laying down track (to some beautiful piano accompaniment), then theming it up to the nines.

When Tracks launched out of early access last September, it already had a heap of gorgeously designed props to bring those builds to life - including town houses, quaint village shops, cars, roads, trees, fences, and animals - as well as more specialised elements, such as twinkling lights for nighttime sets, fireworks, and even bell-ringing music makers.

A smattering of pieces from Tracks' free Suburban Pack.

As of today, however, that selection is even wider on PC and Xbox One, courtesy of Tracks' free Suburban Pack DLC. As its name suggests, this is designed to add a little more variety to your worlds, expanding away from the base game's idyllic countryside focus to include the kind of facilities you might find in more bustling locales.

There are 30 new items in total, including new passengers, animals, vehicles, and buildings. You'll now, for instance, be able to plop down a pub, cinema, cafe, school, and bus stop, as well as new swing set, slide, ice cream van, and more.

In space, no one can hear you steam.

In addition to the Suburban Pack, Whoop Group has also revealed Tracks' first paid DLC, in the form of the rather self-explanatory Sci-Fi Pack. This features 30+ space-themed scenery items that can be used to give your builds some sci-fi flair - think craters, UFOs, asteroids, aliens, a moon base, and more - and will cost a meagre £2.99/$3.99 USD when it launches in June.

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Tracks - The Train Set Game

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