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Acclaimed tidy-'em-up puzzler Unpacking is heading to PlayStation 4 and PS5 "soon"

Thinking outside of the box.

Developer Witch Beam's "zen" puzzler Unpacking - which, you may recall, was named Eurogamer's Game of the Year in 2021 - will be making its way to PlayStation 4 and PS5 "soon".

Unpacking initially burst out of its box toward the end of last year, giving PC, Switch, and Xbox players the opportunity to experience significant moments in the life of its protagonist, as relayed entirely through the act of pulling her current possessions out of boxes and packing them away into a new living space each time.

"Here's a puzzle game, at surface, about tidying things away," wrote Martin Robinson on announcing Unpacking as Eurogamer's Game of the Year in 2021, "a premise that's compelling enough alone. There's something soothing about the fundamentals of neatly folding away t-shirts and socks while proudly stacking books on once empty shelves."

Unpacking - PlayStation Announcement Trailer.

"Match that with the melancholy of a life packed away in cardboard boxes," Martin continued, "the slight voyeuristic thrill of poking through someone else's possessions and the potency of a life's story told through the objects one person chooses to carry with them through the years and you have something truly potent. I've never played anything quite like Unpacking: I've never come across such human storytelling in a game that's remarkably absent of them. What an achievement this is."

There's no specific date for Unpacking's arrival on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 just yet, but publisher Humble Games says to expect it "soon".

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