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UK Charts: Saints Row over Cars

THQ knocks one off.

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Publisher THQ has knocked itself off the top of the charts in the UK, as Saints Row nudges Cars to the number two position to claim the top spot in its first week of sales.

The gang-based action adventure game has benefited from heavy promotion on satellite channels and becomes the second fastest-selling Xbox 360 title after Ubisoft's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter.

Rockstar's crime sim Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories drops a place to the number three position, followed by DS exclusive New Super Mario Bros.

The Sims 2: Glamour Life Stuff is the only other new entry in the top ten, making its debut at number five, with The Sims 2 nestling behind at number 6.

Both Dr Kawashima's Brain Training and Pro Evolution Soccer are nudged down the charts to number seven and eight respectively, while Eidos' Reservoir Dogs breaks into the top ten at nine, in its second week of release. Another DS exclusive title, Animal Crossing: Wild World drops three places to number ten.

There are two other new entries in the top 40. Sony's PSP exclusive Getaway spin-off Gangs of London charts at number 23, while Sega's Let's Make a Soccer Team! debuts at number 31.

Next week sees the release of two Xbox 360 titles set to challenge Saints Row for the number one position: Capcom's Dead Rising and Atari's Test Drive Unlimited, both of which have received encouraging media coverage.

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