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£6 SimCity Airships Set adds hot air balloons and blimps


The next DLC add-on for SimCity adds hot air balloons and blimps to the game - for six quid.

The Airships set includes two Airships, a Commuter Airship that transports workers and a Tourist Airship that brings in tourists. Oh, and there are two balloon parks, with 10 unique balloons, and an Event Blimp that covers events at your SimCity stadium.

The add-on sounds like it does a good job of boosting the number of tourists who come into your city. The base Tourist Airship delivers tourists with more capacity than the base Municipal Bus, Passenger Train Station or Municipal Airport, but less than the Cruise Ship Dock.

You can create an airship network between two neighbouring cities by placing a Commuter Airship Mooring in both of them, to help workers get around. The two Hot Air Balloon Parks lift your Sims' spirits and raise land values.

The Airship Set is out now on Origin.

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