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3DS, PS3 price-cuts see US sales soar

GameStop notes "significant accelaration".

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US Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation 3 sales figures have leapt following their recent price drops, retailer GameStop today revealed.

"We have seen a significant acceleration in the sale of PlayStation 3 and the 3DS," GameStop president Tony Bartel told sister site

Meanwhile, US retail giant Target reported to IndustryGamers that PS3 sales had seen an "immediate lift".

Retailers had already planned for both machines to be cut in price, Bartel explained, although "the 3DS [price cut] was somewhat larger than we had anticipated".

Bartel expects this will mean healthier hardware sales for the rest of the year, with the two price drops set to "spark demand" in the run up to Christmas.

GameStop previously reported US console sales were down on last year's numbers, despite the 3DS' arrival in March.

Poor sales forced Nintendo to slash the price of its flagging 3DS handheld last week, causing a similar boost in Japanese 3DS sales.

Meanwhile Sony confirmed a global PS3 price drop during its Gamecsom press conference on Tuesday. A cut in the PlayStation 3 price was due - its cost has remained constant for almost two years since the Slim model was introduced.

Nintendo ad announces the 3DS price cut.

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