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3DS curio Bye-bye Boxboy! has a UK release date

But no sign of its amiibo.

Nintendo's third and final puzzler in the Boxboy series will arrive for 3DS in Europe on 23rd March, priced £4.49.

Appropriately named Bye-bye Boxboy!, the game rounds off the oddball puzzle-platform series developed by Kirby studio HAL Laboratory.

But, sadly, there's no sign of the game's exclusive amiibo for its European launch. In Japan, Bye-bye Boxboy! was announced alongside a figurine of its cuboid character Qbby immortalised in amiibo form.

It's unusual for Nintendo not to make amiibo available worldwide - even niche platformer Chibi-Robo had its amiibo available here.

Still, you will be able to use your existing Kirby amiibo to unlock costumes for the pink hero and his pals in the game - including Kirby, King Dedede and Meta Knight.

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A demo containing levels from the original Boxboy!, sequel Boxboxboy! and Bye-bye Boxboy! will launch on the 3DS eShop today to give you a free taster of the series.

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