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343 apologises for lack of Halo Infinite campaign pre-load as fans face minimum 30GB download tonight

Status report.

343 has apologised for the lack of a Halo Infinite campaign pre-load and confirmed a minimum 30GB download is required to play from tonight.

However, the campaign download size is smaller if you already have the multiplayer portion of Infinite installed.

"While you can't officially pre-load the #HaloInfinite campaign (sorry!) you can get a head start by installing the MP package if you don't have it yet and save a little time tomorrow," Brian Jarrard, Halo community director at 343 Industries, tweeted.

Digital Foundry dissects the Halo Infinite campaign, as seen on Xbox Series X.Watch on YouTube

Halo Infinite's official release date is today, 8th December, but the campaign does not go live until 6pm UK time tonight. Check out our useful Halo Infinite release guide for more.

Fans had hoped to be able to pre-load the campaign, but for some reason this is not possible, as confirmed by 343 last night.

This means fans can only start the download from 6pm tonight, and while the Halo Infinite download sizes are significantly smaller than the likes of Call of Duty's, some with slow internet speeds may struggle to play this evening.

Here's how the Halo Infinite campaign install sizes work out.

Starting with no existing Halo Infinite installation:

  • Installing multiplayer only: approximately 26.53GB
  • Installing both multiplayer and campaign: approximately 48.42GB

If Halo Infinite's multiplayer beta is already installed:

  • Multiplayer update only: approximately 3.97GB
  • Campaign installation: additional download of approximately 25.86GB
  • Total of both downloads: approximately 29.83GB

Interestingly, there's no word on installing the campaign on its own, which suggests you need to install both multiplayer and campaign in order to play the campaign. This tallies with how the game is structured on Steam, where the campaign is listed as £49.99 DLC for Halo Infinite.

Check out Eurogamer's Halo Infinite campaign review to find out how that turned out.

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