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343 addresses Halo Infinite cheating amid increasing concern from players

"It'll never go away entirely…"

343 has addressed cheating in Halo Infinite, as concern about the state of the game has grown since launch.

Halo Infinite's multiplayer is free to download and play, and since it went live cheating has already emerged as a problem.

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For example, Twitch streamer Douglas "DougisRaw" Wolf tweeted a clip of himself watching a clip of a run-in with a Halo Infinite cheater using what looks like an aimbot and a wallhack.

But there are many other reports of cheating in Halo Infinite. Here's a snippet:

Already, some console players are calling on 343 to add the ability to turn off crossplay with PC in a bid to avoid running into cheaters on that platform.

Now, Halo community manager John Junyszek has addressed cheating concerns in Infinite, promising improvements are coming.

"Unfortunately, cheating is a natural part of supporting a F2P PC game and it's one we anticipated," Junyszek tweeted.

"It'll never go away entirely, but we're prepared and committed to releasing consistent improvements to our game's systems and taking action on bad actors."

Junyszek later clarified that the phrase "improvements to game's systems" includes not just 343's anti-cheat, but "the rest of the game as well".

"It's worded this way because we don't take a 'single feature' approach, but a game-wide approach to anti-cheat."

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One of the problems with Halo Infinite and cheating is there is currently no report player feature in-game.

Junyszek acknowledged this, while suggesting an in-game reporting feature is coming at some point down the line.

Currently, to report cheaters you have to go to the Halo Support website and submit a ticket (including uploaded video evidence where possible).

"We know having a 'Report Player' feature in-game is desired, but please use this method to file reports for now," Junyszek said.

343 and Microsoft will be desperate to avoid Halo Infinite suffering similar reputational damage. Game companies face an uphill battle in the fight against cheating, but the hope is Halo Infinite can mitigate cheating as much as possible in the months ahead.