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2K quiet on BioShock DLC

Unconfirmed for now.

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Genetically enhanced publisher 2K Games has declined to confirm or deny the rumours surrounding downloadable content for BioShock.

Speculation began after eagle-eyed boffins claimed to have found details of new Gene Tonics and plasmids hidden in the game's innards.

The code documentation they used as evidence has been posted on the official 2K forums, and shows what appears to be foundations for a PlasmidPack1 downloadable addition.

"Having concluded clinical trials on four new Genetic Improvements, Ryan Industries is proud to announce the general release of their newest products," reads the evidence.

These are a Sonic Boom plasmid that hurls your enemies back with a blast of force, as well as Gene Tonics Eve Saver, Vending Expert and Machine Bully.

Delving deeper into the alien-like literature and you'll find all sorts of not yet implemented (our tech chap says "commented out") powers. There's Electric Bold Zero, Life Drain, Telekinesis Two and Revival.

Go even deeper still, and you'll find a whole unused Ecology plasmid type, based around usage in pressurised areas. So if you use the High-Pressure Armour Plasmid, then you'll take less damage when the local pressure is a bit high can't breathe, gulp.

Plasmids and Gene Tonics, for those who don't know, are genetic alterations that you can use to augment your abilities. Plasmids are active, so you can use them to fire at people, while Gene Tonics are passive and permanently upgrade your abilities depending on which ones you have equipped.

BioShock was released at the end of August and is many people's pick to be the game of the year. Pop over to our review to see why we awarded it top marks.

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