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1.92GB Xbox 360 Battlefield 3 multiplayer patch live

"We strongly advise you download it."

A Schwarzenegger-sized Battlefield 3 multiplayer patch - 1.92GB - has appeared on Xbox Live.

Multiplayer Update 6 "contains improvements to the multiplayer portions of the game", the Xbox.com blurb reads. "We strongly advise you download it."

The patch arrives on the same day as End Game, Battlefield 3's fantastic new dirt bike-featuring DLC. (It's out for BF3 Premium members on PC and 360, just to be clear.)

I wouldn't be surprised if the patch contained the bulk of the End Game content, and that the 1200 Microsoft Point DLC itself was a key to unlock it with. (Apparently all previous Xbox 360 Battlefield 3 patches contain the DLC.)

It's a bit cheeky but it shouldn't matter too much because End Game is well worth your while. Our Dan Whitehead just planted a sloppy 9/10 kiss on End Game's lips, calling it, among other things, "fun"!

How better to sum it up than with this incredible video of an End Game player zooming across the map on a dirt bike, launching into the air, swivelling quickly to loose a rocket at a nearby helicopter, landing and then reaping the just rewards.

Cover image for YouTube videoBF3 End Game- The Most Amazing Helicopter Takedown / triplekill ever!